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The Plays

Basic Wisdom

Touching, moving, sometimes funny and always inspiring--this program provides the experience of sitting at the feet of our elders and absorbing their life lessons--not as concepts, but as living, breathing models of integrity and wisdom.

Wisdom in Uniform

Wisdom can come from depth of experience just as easily as from length of experience.  This play is based upon the oral histories of Veteran's from all eras and provides insight into what one gains when committing to something bigger than oneself.

Wisdom on the Other Side of Darkness

Addiction, disease, disasters--the brave souls who traverse the edges of what human beings are capable of--both good and evil.  Some carry great wisdom because of these experiences.  Are you willing to listen?
The Reader's Theatre series gathers the wisdom gained from oral histories.  These stories are then lovingly composed into short vignettes and performed live.  Please contact us to learn more about purchasing the rights to perform these beautiful plays at your venue.

Coming up!  Wisdom Matters  
August 7th and August 25th 

Invite | Honor | Discover
Friday August 7th  
1:00- 3:00 pm

Free Registration
Eloise May Library
1471 S. Parker Rd.
Denver, CO 80231

Tuesday August 25th

Free Registration
Smoky Hill Library
5430 S. Biscay Circle
Centennial, CO 80015

Invite those whose wisdom makes a difference in your life

Honor their wisdom

Discover your own