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Copyright 2015.  All rights reserved Anne McGhee Stinson. 
Wisdom resides within our life experiences and more importantly how we perceive those experiences; our stories if you will.  

As a being possessing the power of self-reflection, do you look back on your life and appreciate the richness and wonder of your life experiences and the lessons you learned or do you continually distort your experience in a way that is victimizing or self-defeating? Many people are addicted to their "wounded" stories; setting themselves up as victims and fail to see how their lives connect to the greater story. 

We all have the choice to use our memories to torture or nurture us and it makes an enormous difference to our faith and spirit as to whether we believe our life experience is a good thing that helped us become better or believe it was a negative thing that held us back. Our point of view can shift our whole life experience. 

Like a teacup gives shape to the tea, our stories give shape and meaning to our lives. Therefore, the central question of any human’s life is: “What story will you tell?”  

The stories of our lives are the container for wisdom.

The Wisdom Within These Walls is committed to not only collecting stories, but creating a forum for the voice of wisdom in our communities through sharing the stories and creating a cultural transformation in the way we honor our elders and others who embody wisdom.

Daniel Pink the author of A Whole New Mind says " We are our stories. We compress years of experience, thought and emotion into a few compact narratives that we convey to others and tell to ourselves....What these efforts reveal is a hunger for what stories can provide--context enriched by emotion, a deeper understanding of how we fit in and why that matters.