Founded in 2009 by Anne McGhee Stinson, The Wisdom Within our Walls is an Education and Entertainment organization whose mission is "Creating a Forum for the Living Voice of Wisdom in our Communities."

The Wisdom Within These Walls is intended to inspire a cultural re-consideration of what wisdom is, and to generate an active, inter–generational dialogue of the concept within a practical, modern context. It is meant to create an awareness of the vitality and strength that accompanies aging and to inspire personal introspection resulting in a softening to life experiences, deepening their meaning and quality. And while we may think primarily about our senior citizens while we consider the question of wisdom, Anne expands the concept beyond this familiar territory. 

Wisdom is available to us all, and we can learn to recognize, honor and even develop our capacity for it.   Most importantly, this work  is intended to acknowledge and honor the beautiful souls who  embody wisdom and are willing to share it with us. 
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Originally piloted through  Douglas County Libraries
The Wisdom Within These Walls now has a much broader reach.

See the video for an overview of how this innovative program is helping one community to celebrate its "Wisdom Keepers."
Anne McGhee Stinson
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