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Copyright 2015.  All rights reserved Anne McGhee Stinson. 

Now Available on Amazon.com and other fine bookstores!

This gentle book offers a new perspective and calls forth the need for the development of wisdom in our communities. 

The book is filled with touching, moving, sometimes funny but always inspiring stories and insights into one of our most ancient, sacred concepts.

"Like a teacup gives shape to the tea, our stories give shape and meaning to our lives. Our stories then are the container for wisdom. Thus, a central question for any human being is: What story will you tell?

Author Annie McGhee inspires a cultural reconsideration of the way in which we honor and acknowledge the life experience of our elders and others who embody wisdom, enabling our own lives to have more meaning, richness and depth.

A beautiful gift book to honor the "Wisdom Keeper" in your life.